Double Saving Diva’s TLC’s Extreme Couponing Shopping List

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Here is our complete shopping list for the show. We both had a lot of fun on our birthday although we were taping for hours and hours. The wonderful thing about shopping together is that we both are able to share everything! Keep in mind this show is called EXTREME for a reason. We took very practical and easy techniques and applied them to a huge haul. Our store does not double or stack coupons. We were able to use manufacturer coupons from our Sunday newspapers, printable online coupons, catalinas from the store we shopped at, competitor’s manufacturer coupons, loyalty program coupons (example;, and coupons directly mailed to us from various companies who’s products we buy all of the time. But, the best part of all is that we are able to GIVE it away to those who need it most!


Double Saving Diva’s TLC’s Extreme Couponing Shopping List

  • 10- Pork Chops
  • 4 -Tampax Reg. 20ct
  • 20-Healthy Choice Soups
  • 4-Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce
  • 2-PediaSure 4pks
  • 1-Sobe LifeWater 20oz.
  • 1- Dasani Water 20oz.
  • 1- Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage
  • 3- Packages of Huggies Diapers
  • 1- Huggies Wipes 64ct
  • 5- Huggies Wipes 16ct
  • 15- J&J Reach Dental Floss
  • 1-Rice-A-Roni Rice
  • 3-Secret Deodorant
  • 1-Gain Dish Detergent
  • 2-Colgate Toothpaste
  • 2-Nature Made Vitamin 90ct
  • 1-DelMonte Fruit Cups 4pk
  • 10-Pepsi Brand 2 Liters
  • 10- Betty Crocker Hamburger Helpers
  • 3- Ensure 4 pks
  • 16- Maalox Antacids
  • 3-Tide Sink Pk 3ct
  • 3 -Downy pks
  • 1- Gas X 18ct

Total with Tax($16.12) before PCS and Coupons=$385.04
Preferred Card Savings = $59.88 (took $2.19 off of tax) Total= $322.97
MFG Coupon Savings = $259.01, Total = $63.96
(2)-$25 Jewel-Osco gift cards for transferring prescriptions, Grand Total=$13.96 Out of Pocket

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  1. nancy grannycoupon quire says:

    ya rocked i love ya style and im real inspired by how ya saved so much when times are tuff!!!!! keep me posted on freebie or almost!!!!!

  2. HELEN FOSTER says:

    enjoyed seeing you two on the show…way to go, girls!!

  3. enjoyed ya’ll’s show, ya’ll look so cute! Good job with getting a lot for a little!

  4. Newbie Couponing
    Love watching two young ladies make the most of couponing.
    I was wondering if your store double or triple your coupons and what store did you use. I am a newbie at couponing. I live in New York and only save 50% of my bill. Can you help me to save like you Divas?
    I just found you blog and I signed up.
    God Bless You.

  5. You guys did a wonderful job!! Thanks for teaching us the right way to save and work on a budget.

  6. what are the websites 2 go on 2 checkout differ savings … yall go girls .. i love shopping with my coupons what are tips for me 2 save more .. keep it up

  7. Veronica says:

    Awesome job! I really enjoyed watching you ladies save money!

  8. I loved you guys on the show. I am not new to couponing but I am new to extreme couponing. I want to learn how to save more on my grocery bill.

  9. You girls did great on the show, happy belated birthday by the way. But I was wondering, on most coupons it says 1 coupon per transaction or 1 coupon per purchase. So how do you use so many of one coupon? While watching the show I saw as many as 15-20 of the same coupons used. I wanna do that! Please tell me how.

  10. Heather W. says:

    You guys did awesome! So nice to see a trip where it isn’t a TON of one thing. Way to go!

  11. myboys0308 says:

    Im a Jewel girl too….love that store!!! You guys were one of the more normal extreme couponers. Trying to figure out what deals I missed out on…what was with the Pork Chops and Maalox?

  12. myboys0308 says:

    @ April…1 per transactions means you can only use 1 each time through the check out lane. 1 per purchase means 1 for each item you are buying…buying 10 Maalox, use 10 Maalox coupon.

  13. Angelina Davis says:

    Wish you two was in my neck of the woods.. Kentucky.. I have to drive 45 minutes in any directions to get massive deals.. Then I have to weigh out gas money to double up .50 vs double up to 1.00 or the other region 60 miles away.. You girls rock.

  14. That was a fun show last night. You were both extreme, without being ridiculous! Happy belated b-day to you both.

    I have one question about the show… What was that coupon system you were entering your coupons into on your computer?

    Also do you have your coupon method posted anywhere? Thank you for being real!

    Also noticed your links in your footer below for ‘Quick Links’ have not been changed to real links, they are all If you need any help with how to change them I can help.

    May YHWH bless you both!

    • Thank you Jaime. If you look at the top of our home page and put your cursor over the “Coupons” tab a drop down will appear that says “coupon database” click that and you will see the system that we used. Also click on the Youtube icon at the top of our page we have tons of videos that will help you out.

  15. awesome thank you.
    Just to know, do u need that much diapers?

  16. Jennifer says:

    My birthday is coming up and I was wondering where you got the information for free deals on your birthday. I know of a few restaurants but wanted to know about the jewlery and any other merchandise! Thank you and happy belated birthday!

  17. What store did you get the free jewelry from? My bday is in June and I’d love to get on a free deal!

  18. I’m from Chicago, and after watching the previous episodes I thought the only way I was going to save was to travel many many miles to find a “Double/Triple Coupon Store”, but you guys went to Jewels….WOW. The last place I thought anyone could save a buck. After watching this episode, I’m even more interested in learning how to graduate from the school of the….”DOUBLE SAVING DIVAS”!!!!!!

  19. hi divas, I really need your help, I live in chciago i lost my job can you please teach me how to use the cuopons??? pleaseeeee


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    Double Saving Diva’s TLC’s Extreme Couponing Shopping List